Date: Wednesday 20th September 2023, 10am UK time (11am Germany etc; 12 noon Finland; 7pm Eastern Australian time; other times: times:
Title: Family member and friend treatment for gambling harm: Development of a self-directed intervention
Presenter: Dr Stephanie Merkouris, Lecturer in Psychology, Deakin University, Australia
Description: Despite the large number of people affected by someone else’s gambling and the extent of harm they experience, there are few established psychological interventions specifically designed for family members and friends affected by someone else’s gambling. Moreover, given that only around 20% of people seeking gambling treatment and support services are family members and friends, lower-intensity interventions that are easily accessible are important to facilitate recovery from gambling harm without formal treatment. This Webinar reported on Dr Merkouris’ program of research focusing on the development of a self-directed intervention for people affected by someone else’s gambling behaviour, by drawing on the evidence base for people impacted by someone else’s alcohol and/or substance use.


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